More help for Rochdale homes devastated by floods

posted 15 Jan 2016, 05:49 by Rochdale TC

Rochdale Borough Council has announced details of further support now available to the residential properties worst affected by the flooding on 26 December.

Residents who have already received a £500 payment but were particularly badly hit are being provided with further support up to the equivalent value of £2,000. So far 40 properties are being considered for this additional support and will be subject to a detailed assessment. This extra support will only be available to households that had flood water in living spaces (not cellars) and also where there is no insurance cover that can be relied on.

More than 400 payments of £500 have already been made to households and 73 to businesses.

Council Leader Richard Farnell said:

“We said we would do all we can to help, and hundreds of households have been given financial assistance by the council to help them recover.  This additional support is targeted at those homes that were particularly badly hit, to those in greatest need and where there was no insurance in place or where the householder is unable to make a claim.” 

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This additional financial support will not cover any flood defence work or planned works as part of the Green Deal project.  Details of grants to support households with flood defence work will be published when they are available.