Metrolink tram testing – November 2013

posted 31 Oct 2013, 06:04 by Rochdale TC

Work is progressing to build the new Metrolink extension to Rochdale Town Centre. During  November there will be further tram testing activities along the route which will include:

·         Overnight dynamic tram testing between Newbold stop and Rochdale town centre stop from 2nd November to 24th November. This includes testing the new tram management system and the new traffic signals at junctions. Testing will initially take place overnight and will involve minor road restrictions at junctions as the tram passes.  This will be carried out under police escort.  Junctions will only be restricted for a very short period of time and noise will be kept to a minimum during this period.

·         Daytime dynamic tram testing. After the junctions have been checked, further dynamic tram testing will be carried out during the daytime. This will not require a police escort.

During this testing, the tram service is not open to the public.  You will be able to continue to use the road and pedestrian crossings as you currently do.