Free parking plans just got better

posted 17 Mar 2015, 06:49 by Rochdale TC

Moves by Rochdale Borough Council to drive down the cost of parking have just got better, with three hours free parking in council car parks now set to apply all day.

The offer, which will extend the free parking currently on offer in Heywood to all the borough’s town centres, was only set to kick in after 10am when it was first unveiled late last year.

But in a further boost for businesses, free parking for three hours will now be available at any time of day, rather than just for those arriving after 10am.

The moves mean that the policy will now be implemented from 1 May to ensure that all the ticket machines can be updated to take into account the improved offer.

Leader of the Council, Richard Farnell, said: “We know free parking will make it much easier for people to come and enjoy our town centre and that will be an important boost for our local business community. 

“In the past few weeks, in Rochdale town centre alone, we’ve seen the opening of two new coffee shops, in Java and Costa, and the new Morrisons Local is set to open its doors any day. This offer will make it easier for our residents and visitors to come and spend money in these new additions to our high street as well as the many other shops and cafes in our town centres.”

Marjorie Thompson, Owner of Chantilly on Cheetham Street, said: “This will make a tremendous difference to local businesses. All out of town places like the Trafford Centre offer free parking, but people are more likely to come into Rochdale, even if it means popping in and buying something while they’re on their way to out-of-town shops, if they don’t have to pay to park. We have always noticed an upsurge in trade after 3pm when parking is currently free.”