Flood-affected businesses get financial help from the council

posted 8 Jan 2016, 03:25 by Rochdale TC

Rochdale Borough Council has started making payments to businesses affected by the flooding on 26 December.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that were flooded in whole or part are being sent one-off payments of £500 to help with their recoveries.

The payment is the same as that paid to affected households. More than 300 payments have already been made to households and the council is contacting those that have not already received it.

The payment for businesses is available to any SME with up to 250 employees and is in addition to the business rates relief the council had previously said it will give to those affected.

The council is identifying all affected businesses and it is thought that up to 100 will qualify for the payment. Many have been visited by the council and payments are already being made directly into the bank accounts from which qualifying businesses pay their business rates.

Businesses will automatically get one month of business rates refunded and can apply to the council for more if they have been forced to stop trading for longer.

The council is also working with other Greater Manchester authorities and the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to explore ways of getting additional financial support to those that have been severely affected by flooding.

Council Leader Richard Farnell said:

“Hundreds of households have been given financial assistance by the council to help them recover from the devastating floods we saw in the borough on 26 December.  But businesses have also suffered and we want to ensure that we can give them some help to get back on their feet. I would also make a plea that people support these businesses because they need the support of their local communities now more than ever. The council can help with their recoveries but so can everybody else – by shopping locally and using local businesses and services.”


Details of the scheme have been published on the council’s website and social media channels. Businesses that think they are eligible but do not receive payment by 13 January should call 0300 303 0420.

For more information and support visit www.rochdale.gov.uk/flooding