Changes to town centre parking rules to boost shops

posted 10 Feb 2016, 03:03 by Rochdale TC

Shoppers will find it easier to take advantage of free parking in Rochdale town centre after changes to the rules that govern some car parks come into effect next week.

From 15 February drivers using certain town centre car parks will not be able to return to them and get another ticket once their three hours free parking hours are up.

Drivers will be unable to move their vehicles between the different car park zones in the same charging period.

Tickets must still be displayed at all times – including for periods of free parking.

Milton Street East car park, much of which is currently only open to permit holders, will also become a permit-holders-only car park.

The moves are designed to free up spaces for shoppers and make it easier for visitors to the town centre to take advantage of three hours free parking in council owned town centre car parks. The policy, which was introduced in February last year, is designed to boost town centre trade and is thought to be the most generous in Greater Manchester. 

The plans will affect the following car parks:

·         Milton Street West (which becomes car park zone A)

·         Lower Penn Street (which becomes car park zone B)

·         Baillie Street (which becomes car park zone C)

·         Upper Penn Street (which becomes car park zone D)

Other council car parks in Rochdale town centre will not be subject to the changes and car parks in Middleton, Heywood and Pennines are not included in the proposals. The plans will be implemented from 8am on Monday 15 February.

Leader of Rochdale Borough Council, Richard Farnell, said: “We’ve had some fantastic feedback from shoppers and businesses since we implemented this policy last year and we’re making these small changes to make it even easier for shoppers and visitors to take advantage of the free parking on offer here in Rochdale.”