Changes to council’s senior management team to be discussed

posted 26 Jun 2015, 08:47 by Rochdale TC

Rochdale Borough Council is proposing to make changes to its senior management team as part of a package of measures that will save £157,000 a year.

The proposals also include creating a new operating model for the Rochdale Development Agency (RDA) that will see it integrated more closely with the council.

The vacant position of Deputy Chief Executive would be deleted from the council’s management structure. A Director of Economy, which will be funded from within the existing RDA budget, will be responsible for a number of council services would also serve as the chief operating officer of the RDA in a newly constituted council-controlled operating model.

Steve Rumbelow, Chief Executive of Rochdale Borough Council, said: “Given the scale of cuts the council faces we have to reduce our management costs as much as we can. We have looked at our structure and our relationship with the Rochdale Development Agency and believe that by doing things a little bit differently we can still deliver on our commitment to economic development and job creation. We propose to reshape our relationship with the Rochdale Development Agency and take more direct responsibility for driving forward that agenda.”

The RDA will retain its identity and the council is determined to maintain its strong partnerships with the private sector. There will, though, be more coordination across RDA and council services.

John Searle, from the RDA, said: “The RDA board has been consulted on the proposals and we recognise that the Agency needs to be part of the changes that are needed to maintain the momentum of economic growth in the borough.

“The RDA will continue to play its full part in supporting the council to continue to drive forward the economy of the borough.”

The proposals will underpin the economic development, business growth and job creation of the borough, including the £250m investment in Rochdale town centre.

The proposed management team changes are due to be considered by the council’s Cabinet committee on 2 July.