The Municipal Offices known locally as 'The Black Box' closed in April 2013 following the completion of Number One Riverside, the new library, customer service centre and council offices. The old bus station closed in November 2013 following the opening of the new Transport Interchange, followed by the closure of the pedestrian bridgelinks in January 2014.


Work to demolish the buildings began in February 2014 and the photographs on this page show the sequence of works undertaken.


The demolition of the MO, Bus Station & MSCP is now complete to make way for the new retail & leisure development.  In the interim before the redevelopment takes place pedestrian routes have been created across where the Black Box once stood across from the Transport Interchange, Number One Riverside and the Metrolink Stop to the main shopping areas. And is also the temporary home for the Market, which is expected to move to another location once the River re-opening works are complete.

A temporary car park for around 200 cars opened on the 28th November 2014 on the site of the old bus station.

The old St Andrew's Church and Broadwater Centre on Smith Street have also been demolished with a temporary car park for around 100 cars opened 17th November.


The final stage of the demolition (Telegraph House) started in Autumn 2016 and completed January 2017 making way for the proposed retail & leisure development.


1st November 2016

2nd November 2016


This timelapse video shows the demolition of the old bus station and Municipal Offices, known locally as the 'Black Box'.


Here are some images from the demolition of the Bus Station / Car Park & Black Box


Bus Station / Multi Storey Car Park Demolition - April 2014

Bus Station demolition from Baillie St 23rd April 14